Fly Away Tales


You can count on me

Meet Solo, the sad little sock and the only one without a partner. While all her friends happily go out to explore the world, Solo is left alone in a corner. Will she be able to find true friendship even among those who tease her? Who will come to her rescue, to help her discover what she loves?

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Love you my little sister

Say hello to master Jules’s new baby sister, Lucy! Jules’s world began to change since Lucy has stolen the spotlight. He is a little jealous now that he is not the only shining star in the family. 

Our little sock friends need to come up with a plan to make Jules feel loved again. Will they be able to succeed? 

Join them on their journey to find out how they manage to make that unbreakable bond between the siblings!

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I'm amazingly me (Coming soon)

Meet Rio and Leo, the newest socks in the drawer who stand taller than the rest. They always wished to be like the other short and cute socks. However, never being used by the master for day-to-day activities, will they ever find that they are special?

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Workbook (Coming soon)

Introducing an exciting activity book tailored for children aged 3 to 5! Filled with colorful pictures, this book promises entertainment, engagement, and exciting challenges for your little ones. 

This book has puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, and many more to enhance their fine motor skills, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities and visual perception. Packed with a variety of difficulty levels, from simple to more complex, this book is not just fun; it's a creative adventure that will have your children happily thinking and exploring!

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